We love your challenges!

Whether it’s 2D or 3D bending, curve bending or mandril bending of profiles, pipes or sheet metal, we have the right solution for various industries – even for tricky bending projects. We create simple radii from a wide variety of geometries, generate multiple radii or manufacture individual curves. Feel free to challenge us – we will quickly prove to you our expertise and many years of experience.

We are material experts.

We process materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass with ease. In addition, we can also bend light metals using special bending tools with minimal surface damage.

We are always on point.

Our high repeatability when bending allows us to deliver consistently high quality.

We produce your desired quantity

Be it a prototype, single piece or series production: we’re ready for any quantity.

We are technically in top shape.

We use varied bending methods. And we are particularly proud of our in-house developments.

We are capable of more than just bending.

Be it sawing, grinding or drilling: we will process your parts upon request until they are ready for installation.

We have visions.

We can reshape 2D and 3D profiles – and we do this all while fulfilling the numerous design requests of our customers.

Our services: everything from a single source.

Our company specialises in all types of bending technology. Not only this, but we also offer you other metalworking processes as well as numerous services related to your project. This allows us to provide you everything from a single source, which saves you time and additional costs.

Since we place great emphasis on service, our customers always receive everything from a single source, without having to be passed between different trades for the further development process of their workpiece.

Bending & reshaping

Material procurement & stockpiling

Technical advice /
feasibility analysis

Mechanical processing
(e.g. sawing, drilling, grinding)


Prototypes, pilot and small batch production
as well as series production

Post-processing of sheet metal and profiles

We are able to rework preformed sheets and profiles, such as pressed parts that are deformed, warped, twisted or are under tension after their production. To do this, we use special machines and tools to make corrections to the workpiece.

For example, our smoothing technique or centric compression enables us to achieve the best possible or even optimum result. This is the only way to ensure that it is possible to reuse the parts at all.